B and B Brass Bilge Pump w/wooden handle and foot hold


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Relive maritime history with this Vintage B and B Brass Bilge Pump, an exquisite relic that epitomizes the craftsmanship and functionality of a bygone era.

Crafted to reflect the elegance and durability of classic marine equipment, this vintage bilge pump showcases the timeless appeal of brass craftsmanship. The weathered patina and intricate detailing, complemented by a wooden handle and foot hold, exude authenticity and add a touch of rustic charm to any nautical setting.

The combination of brass construction with a wooden handle and foot hold not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures a secure grip and ease of use. This functional design, steeped in tradition, offers an authentic experience reminiscent of maritime heritage.

With its antique finish and classic design, the Vintage B and B Brass Bilge Pump becomes a centerpiece, capturing the essence of a seafaring era. Whether adorning a nautical-themed space or showcased as a collector’s piece, its character and allure evoke the nostalgia of maritime adventures.

Crafted for durability and designed to last generations, this vintage bilge pump not only serves as a visual testament to maritime history but also retains its functional prowess, making it a cherished relic for enthusiasts and collectors passionate about preserving nautical traditions.

B&B Brass Bilge Pump w/wooden handle and foot hold #7 6.3 pds

length 22 1/2″ width 10 1/4″


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