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C-21 Collecting authentic, one-of-a-kind vintage maritime lights and irreplaceable nautical antiques offers a unique opportunity to connect with the history and ambiance of maritime environments. These items have a special appeal due to their distinctiveness and historical significance.

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Vintage Maritime Lights:

Maritime lights, such as ship lanterns, navigation lights, and signal lights, were essential for guiding ships and providing visibility at sea. Collecting these lights can showcase the craftsmanship, materials, and design elements that were important for ensuring safe navigation.

Irreplaceable Nautical Antiques:

Nautical antiques encompass a wide range of items, including ship's wheels, sextants, compasses, charts, bells, diving equipment, and more. These objects hold stories of seafaring journeys, navigational expertise, and the challenges of life at sea.

Investing in these irreplaceable nautical antiques not only adds to your collection's value but also preserves a piece of maritime history. Displaying these items can transport you to the maritime past and provide a sense of wonder and connection to seafaring traditions.

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*All lights are Vintage / Original and are 50-60 yrs old. There is the possibility of having the inherent quality of some minor dings/dents in the brass body/cage. Some lenses might have small chips. All lights have been rewired using UL listed components including a phenolic lamp holder or a ceramic lamp holder with a 250 V VOLTAGE RATING and a maximum 600 lamp WATTAGE. All lights are wired and ready to hang at no extra cost.