Presto “CB” Fire Extinguisher


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Step into the past with the vintage Presto “CB” Fire Extinguisher, an iconic safety tool designed to stand the test of time, protecting homes, workplaces, and vehicles from fire hazards.

Crafted with unparalleled precision and reliability, this vintage fire extinguisher remains a symbol of safety, engineered to swiftly combat small fires with efficiency. Its compact form and user-friendly design ensure accessibility and ease of use during critical moments of emergency.

The Presto “CB” Fire Extinguisher, a pinnacle of vintage engineering, comes equipped with advanced technology and an effective extinguishing agent. Prepared to tackle various fire classes, its robust construction and durable materials reflect an era when reliability was paramount.

Certified and compliant with industry safety standards, this vintage fire extinguisher has transcended time, remaining an indispensable safety measure for boats, homes, offices, vehicles, and small commercial spaces. Its enduring reliability and effectiveness make it an irreplaceable asset in your fire safety inventory.

Trust the vintage Presto “CB” Fire Extinguisher to be your vigilant guardian, reminiscent of an era where safety tools were crafted with unwavering dedication, ready to safeguard against unforeseen fire hazards with vintage efficiency and reliability.
Presto “CB” Fire extinguisher 2 – solid brass 2.2 pds height 9 3/4″, diameter 2 1/2″


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