Large Beehive Wiska


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Illuminate your space with vintage industrial flair using the Large Beehive Wiska, a statement piece that embodies both timeless design and robust functionality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this large beehive-styled Wiska fixture exudes a nostalgic charm reminiscent of an era when industrial aesthetics were at the forefront of lighting design. Its sturdy construction and classic beehive shape evoke the allure of vintage industrial settings, offering a distinctive focal point for any room.

Featuring durable materials and a design that echoes traditional industrial lighting, this Wiska fixture delivers both style and resilience. Its large size ensures ample illumination, making it suitable for a variety of spaces, from home, bars, restaurants, industrial contemporary lofts to rustic-themed environments seeking a touch of vintage authenticity.

The Large Beehive Wiska merges form and function seamlessly, providing not only ambient lighting but also a striking visual element. Whether suspended in a high-ceilinged room or installed as a statement piece in an industrial-inspired space, its vintage appeal adds character and warmth to any setting.

Elevate your decor with the Large Beehive Wiska, where vintage industrial design meets contemporary lighting needs, inviting you to appreciate the fusion of timeless aesthetics and practical illumination.

Height 31″

Ceiling Mount Diameter 5″

Glass Diameter 15 1/2″

Weight 34 lbs.


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