Heavy Duty Solid Brass plate



Introducing the Heavy-Duty Solid Brass Mounting Plate, an exemplary piece crafted to elevate your fixtures with unparalleled strength and timeless sophistication.

Precision-engineered from solid brass, this mounting plate stands as a testament to durability and reliability. Its robust construction ensures exceptional strength, making it an ideal foundation for your lighting.

Designed for versatility, this heavy-duty mounting plate provides a steadfast anchor for fixtures in both residential and commercial spaces. Whether used for pendant lights, ceiling or wall lights, its durability and sturdiness promise steadfast support.

The solid brass composition not only guarantees longevity but also exudes an understated elegance. Its weathered patina and classic brass finish add a touch of vintage charm, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any fixture it accompanies.

Enhance the stability of your fixtures with the Heavy-Duty Solid Brass Mounting Plate, where durability meets versatility, inviting you to appreciate the fusion of strength and timeless design in your decor.

Heavy duty solid brass mounting plate, 6″ in diameter. Used to adapt lights without junction boxes.


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