Bilge Pump – Solid Brass T-handle unpolished


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Step into the legacy of maritime craftsmanship with the Solid Brass T-Handle Unpolished Bilge Pump, a testament to enduring functionality and classic design.

Forged from solid brass, this bilge pump echoes the rugged reliability of vintage maritime tools. The unpolished finish celebrates the raw authenticity of brass, offering not just durability but also a unique aesthetic that harks back to the heritage of seafaring.

Crafted with a T-handle for effortless maneuvering, this bilge pump promises efficient water evacuation from the vessel’s lowest compartments. Its classic construction, coupled with the unpolished brass surface, embodies both practicality and vintage charm, making it an essential tool and a statement piece for any maritime enthusiast.

Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of the sea, this bilge pump serves as a timeless reminder of maritime traditions. Whether displayed as a historic artifact or used for its intended purpose, its unpolished brass finish exudes an aura of authenticity, adding character to any nautical setting.

Immerse yourself in maritime heritage with the Solid Brass T-Handle Unpolished Bilge Pump, where classic craftsmanship meets functional reliability to evoke the spirit of seafaring adventures past and present.

As found solid brass t – handle unpolished bilge pump with iron mounting bracket handles slide freely #1 9.3 pds

26 1/4″ height, depth 7 3/4″, width 4 3/4″


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