Introducing the Small Wiska Light with Stem and Frosted Lens, a luminary designed to add a touch of understated elegance and versatile illumination to your indoor or outdoor space.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this compact Wiska light features a stem for easy installation and adjustment, offering flexibility in directing light precisely where needed. Its frosted lens, exuding a soft and diffused glow, creates an inviting ambiance while adding a hint of sophistication to any setting.

The frosted lens of this small Wiska light offers a subtle, even illumination, casting a gentle radiance that enhances the charm of your surroundings without being overpowering. Perfect for accent lighting or creating an ambiance of understated elegance, its versatile design complements various decorative styles.

Constructed from durable materials, this Wiska light ensures reliability and resilience, capable of withstanding diverse environmental conditions. Its compact size and unobtrusive frosted lens make it an ideal choice for applications requiring discreet yet effective lighting solutions.
Small wiska w/stem – clear lens 6.1 lbs, length 7″, height 7″, diameter 4″

*All lights are Vintage / Original and are 50-60 yrs old. There is the possibility of having the inherent quality of some minor dings/dents in the brass body/cage. Some lenses might have small chips. All lights have been rewired using UL listed components including a phenolic lamp holder or a ceramic lamp holder with a 250 V VOLTAGE RATING and a maximum 600 lamp WATTAGE. All lights are wired and ready to hang at no extra cost.

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