Aluminum Bulkhead Wall Mount or Ceiling Light


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Aluminum bulkhead light

A 1970’s vintage aluminium marine pendant light made in GDR German Democratic Republic AKA East Germany.
The prismatic glass shade was made by EOW.

Reclaimed and professionally restored by hand here in our shop located in Kingsland, GA & ready for use in modern interiors. The prismatic glass offers soft light diffusion.

All lights are professionally re-wired in-house to exceed American Standards using UL approved components.

Dimensions and weights are approximate. All lights are sold ready for use in your home or commercial installation. For any specific requirements please get in touch. We are happy to discuss your individual project.

Bring a piece of maritime history into your home with our decommissioned vintage nautical aluminum bulkhead wall mount or ceiling light. Salvaged from ships of yesteryear, each of these lights carries a unique story and a touch of seafaring charm.

Crafted from durable aluminum, this bulkhead wall mount/ceiling light boasts a robust construction that has weathered the storms of the sea. Its authentic vintage appeal is accentuated by the marks of time, adding character and authenticity to any space it illuminates.

The industrial-inspired design features a sturdy aluminum frame with a protective cage, reminiscent of a bygone era when these lights guided sailors through the darkest of nights. The aluminum construction ensures longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This decommissioned bulkhead light is versatile enough to grace any room with its presence. Whether mounted on the wall as a statement piece or suspended from the ceiling to cast a warm glow, it exudes a nostalgic ambiance that transports you to the golden age of seafaring adventures.

Each light is carefully inspected and refurbished to ensure its electrical components meet modern safety standards while preserving its vintage allure. With its timeless design and maritime heritage, our decommissioned vintage nautical aluminum bulkhead light is more than just a fixture—it’s a conversation starter, a piece of history, and a beacon of style in any setting.

Illuminate your space with the allure of the open sea and the charm of vintage craftsmanship with our decommissioned vintage nautical aluminum bulkhead light.

Aluminum Bulkhead Wall Mount or Ceiling Light

8 3/4″ tall, 10 1/2 long & 7″ wide

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