Wilcox Crittenden Brass Bilge Pump foot hold #6


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tep into maritime history with the Wilcox Crittenden Brass Bilge Pump featuring a secure foot hold, an iconic relic that encapsulates the durability and functionality of seafaring eras.

Forged from enduring brass, this vintage bilge pump by Wilcox Crittenden stands as a testament to maritime craftsmanship. Its weathered patina and timeless brass finish evoke the heritage of bygone days when reliability was paramount on the open waters.

Designed with a sturdy foot hold, this bilge pump offers not only functionality but also a glimpse into the hands-on nature of traditional seafaring equipment. Each pump action reflects an era where sailors relied on resilience and practicality.

The Wilcox Crittenden Brass Bilge Pump with Foot Hold, a cornerstone of maritime history, harmonizes functionality with an elegant design. Its vintage aesthetic and durable brass construction infuse any nautical environment with a touch of historic charm.

Whether admired as a testament to maritime craftsmanship or used for its intended purpose, this bilge pump remains an enduring symbol of seafaring legacy, inviting you to embrace the authenticity and reliability of a bygone era.

Wilcox Crittenden Brass Bilge Pump w/foot hold as found #63.6length 20 3/8″, width 4″