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Don’t struggle in a desperate search for martime antiques. At Vintage Ship Salvage, we’ve got what you need nationwide. Nautical items are quaint and unique. They tend to tell a story, one of the deep blue oceans and the adventures of sailing ships. It’s no wonder antique ship lights and marine products are sought after.

Antique Ship Parts

We Have a Variety martime antiques and Products

At Vintage Ship Salvage, we specialize in a plethora of nautical products and supplies for your home, restaurant, bar, outdoor spaces, and more.

Go ahead and check out the beautiful coastal lighting and various accessories to help spruce up your establishment. We also have a selection of vintage items from which you can add to your collection or recreate your space.
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Nautical Lighting

Nautical lights are available in a variety of designs and options, so you are bound to find something best suited to your décor needs.

Nautical dock lights

Nautical dock lights provide safety and clarity when docking a boat or leaving a harbor or port.

Nautical pathway lights

Nautical pathway lights provide a lit walkway on the marina and act as a safety feature in poor visibility.

Coastal lighting

Coastal lights are perfect for the coastal environment. It helps brighten salty dusk air, and some are fitted with motion sensors that work as a security feature.

Vintage nautical lighting

Vintage nautical lighting is not your average type of lighting. Instead, it gives a sense of rustic treasure of another place and another time. They are exquisite and even artistic in design.

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Maritime Antiques

Maritime antiques are lovely on display in your home or office establishment. They are attractive and offer a sense of mystery. Our selection of items is affordable, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful.
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