Bilge pumps, fire extinguishers & water cannon

1. Water cannons were used for various purposes on ships, including firefighting, crowd control, and ship-to-ship communication. Collecting vintage water cannons can showcase the functional and practical aspects of maritime safety and operations.

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2. Fire extinguishers – Vintage fire extinguishers refer to older models of fire extinguishers that were produced and used in the past. These extinguishers were manufactured using different materials and technologies compared to modern fire extinguishers. They often have a unique aesthetic appeal and are sought after by collectors, enthusiasts, and those interested in vintage items.

Vintage fire extinguishers can be found in various shapes, sizes, and designs depending on the era and manufacturer. Some common types of vintage fire extinguishers include soda acid extinguishes, carbo tetrachloride extinguishes, and copper or brass extinguishers.

It's important to note that while vintage fire extinguishers may be interesting from a historical or decorative standpoint, they may not be suitable for actual firefighting purposes. fire safety standards and regulations have evolved over time, and older extinguishers may not meet current safety requirements. In addition, certain vintage extinguishers may contain hazardous materials that are no longer use in modern fire extinguishers.

If you come across a vintage fire extinguisher, it's generally recommended to treat it as a collectible or decorative item rather than relying on it for fire protection.

3. Bilge pumps are used on boats to remove water that accumulates in the bilge, the lowest compartment of a vessel. They help prevent flooding and keep the boat afloat. Manuel bilge pumps include diaphragm and piston pumps. Diaphragm pumps are self-priming and can be operated by hand. They are ideal for small boats with limited space.