Authentic Nautical Sextants, Taft-Rail Logs, Genuine Measuring Devices

Collecting authentic nautical sextants, Taft-rail logs, and other genuine measuring devices offers a captivating way to appreciate the precision instruments that were essential for maritime navigation and measurement. Here’s a bit about each of these items:

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1. **Nautical Sextants:** Nautical sextants are navigational instruments used to measure the angle between two visible objects, typically the horizon and a celestial body. They were crucial for determining a ship's position at sea using celestial navigation. Authentic sextants showcase the craftsmanship and accuracy required for accurate navigation.

2. **Taft-Rail Logs:** Taft-rail logs, also known as ship logs or patent logs, were used to measure a ship's speed through the water. These devices typically consist of a rotor that spins behind the ship and measures the distance traveled. They were an important tool for calculating a ship's progress and estimating arrival times.

3. **Genuine Measuring Devices:** Genuine measuring devices used in navigation and maritime operations include items such as sounding leads (for measuring water depth), calipers, rulers, and dividers. These tools were essential for making accurate measurements and calculations.

When collecting these items, look for markings that indicate the manufacturer or provenance. Displaying these measuring devices can offer a glimpse into the precision and skill required for navigation in times past.

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