Explore maritime history with C-16’s collection of shipworn nautical brass gauges, authentic clocks, and ship’s phones. Discover the artistry and functionality of these essential instruments used for navigation, timekeeping, and communication at sea.

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Shipworn Nautical Brass Gauges / Authentic Clocks & Ships Phones

C-16 Collecting nautical brass gauges, authentic clocks, and ship's phones can immerse you in the world of maritime instrumentation and communication. These items were essential for navigation, timekeeping, and communication on ships and boats:

1. **Nautical Brass Gauges:** Gauges were used to measure various parameters such as pressure, temperature, and depth. Nautical brass gauges often have intricate designs and are prized for their functionality and aesthetics.

2. **Authentic Clocks:** Ship's clocks were vital for accurate timekeeping while at sea. Marine chronometers and other types of ship's clocks were essential for navigation and coordinating ship operations.

3. **Ship's Phones:** Ship's phones, also known as telegraphs or communication systems, allowed crew members to communicate between different parts of the vessel. They played a crucial role in relaying commands and information.

When collecting these items, look for markers of craftsmanship, such as intricate engravings or detailed designs. Ensure the clocks are accurate and well-maintained. Authentic ship's phones can also be fascinating collectibles that showcase the communication methods of the past. Displaying these items can transport you back in time and provide a unique glimpse into maritime history. Step back in time and find your perfect piece of history. Browse our selection of unique pieces today!