Vintage Shipworn Anchors / Propellers & Pulleys

C-15 Collecting vintage anchors, propellers, and pulleys can bring the essence of maritime history and industrial design into your collection or living space. These items were integral to ships and boats, each serving a specific purpose:

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1. **Anchors:** Anchors were used to keep vessels in place by gripping the seabed. Vintage anchors can vary in size and style, each reflecting the era and type of vessel they were used on.

2. **Propellers:** Vintage ship propellers were essential for propulsion. They come in different shapes and materials, and their design can indicate the type of vessel they were used on.

3. **Pulleys:** Pulleys were used to manipulate sails, ropes, and rigging. They played a crucial role in controlling the sails and managing the vessel's movements.

Displaying vintage anchors, propellers, and pulleys in your space can add a touch of history and a nautical atmosphere, celebrating the craftsmanship and functionality of maritime equipment.

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