What Is a Submarine Clock?

Close up image of an old and large vintage submarine clock

When it comes to nautical instruments and collectibles, one can find a wide array of fascinating artifacts that have played significant roles in maritime history. Among these artifacts, the submarine clock holds a special place. As the name suggests, a submarine clock is a unique timepiece that was used aboard submarines. In this blog, we will delve into the origins, features, and significance of submarine clocks, exploring their history and explaining their importance in the world of maritime antiques.

Origins of Submarine Clocks

To understand the significance of submarine clocks, it is essential to trace their origins. The first submarine clock was developed in the 19th century when submarines were still a relatively new addition to naval fleets. These clocks were specifically designed to withstand the challenging conditions that submarines presented, such as high humidity and extreme changes in pressure.

Design and Features

Submarine clocks were engineered with specific features that made them resilient and reliable in harsh maritime environments. They were typically built to be highly resistant to water damage and corrosion, with watertight cases and strong materials such as brass and steel. The clock face was often protected by thick glass or acrylic domes to shield it from any potential damage caused by impacts or shocks.

Timekeeping Accuracy

In addition to their durability, submarine clocks were known for their accuracy in timekeeping. Naval operations relied heavily on accurate timekeeping, as coordination and synchronization were crucial, especially during wartime. Submarine clocks were designed with precise movements and mechanisms to maintain accuracy and to continue functioning properly even in extreme conditions.


One prominent feature of submarine clocks is their illumination system. Given the dim lighting conditions often found aboard submarines, the clock faces were designed to be easily readable in low light. Some models incorporated luminescent paint or dials, while others had built-in lighting systems that could be activated in dark settings. This aspect of submarine clocks made them highly functional within the confined spaces and limited visibility of submarines.

Collectability and Historical Significance

Today, submarine clocks are highly sought-after collectibles due to their historical significance and rarity. These clocks represent a significant chapter in naval history and hold artistic and aesthetic value. With our extensive selection of vintage nautical lights and maritime antiques, Vintage Ship Salvage recognizes the value of submarine clocks as coveted collector’s items.

Where to Find Submarine Clocks

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